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Top Litigator Video Series

Jackson Walker is one of the nation's leading trial firms for clients facing uphill battles. Our attorneys are known for their superior advocacy, judgment, responsiveness and ability to deliver consistent results in the courtroom, granting us recognition as "Litigation Department of the Year" by Texas Lawyer in 2013.

The art of litigation is constantly evolving, and our attorneys evolve right along with it. The Jackson Walker Top Litigator video series will shed light on the many shifts and trends that continue to emerge as a result of fast-moving technological, industrial, and political changes.

Jackson Walker's trial group is one of the largest in the Southwest, encompassing nearly half of the firm's 350 lawyers. Our diverse experience covers multiple industry sectors and specialty practice areas, taking us into courthouses throughout Texas and the United States.

Chip Babcock breaks down the challenges facing the New York Attorney General in his case against FedEx, including the burden of proof required to prosecute on a conspiracy claim.

Chip Babcock discusses the strategy involved in representing a celebrity client and the long-term value in winning a precedent-setting case.

Chip Babcock on the “chilling effect” that occurs when people cease to exercise their First Amendment rights for fear that the government will seek legal retribution.

Chip Babcock discusses the importance of telling a client’s story effectively in the public arena, as well as in the courtroom.

Chip Babcock discusses the significant increase of legal disputes at the intersection of broadcast and digital media, specifically as it relates to the ongoing Supreme Court case American Broadcasting Companies Inc. v. Aereo Inc.

Chip Babcock discusses the importance of the First Amendment as it relates to campaign finance and the recent Supreme Court decision in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission.

Top Litigator Chip Babcock discusses the constitutionality of citation rules and the impact they have on how a case is argued.

Top Litigator Chip Babcock shares his process in determining how best to advise his clients, including when to pursue litigation and when to avoid it.

Chip Babcock discusses the importance of being able to evolve, as a litigator, along with technology, and how best to use it to your client's advantage.

Chip Babcock, Jackson Walker attorney and top litigator, discusses the number one mistake made by trial attorneys in the courtroom.

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